Friday, 27 July 2012

It's the album cover for #3!!

I know that this blog's turning into a The Script themed one, but forgive me. Since the new album is coming, please allow me to do some fangirling for now. :)

ASDLDFMDKLFFDTKNLGKSGMLS. The cover art is beautiful. :O I dunno bout you guys but if you're a The Script fan, you'd probably agree with me. I know that The Script said that they'd never put their picture on the cover of any of their album, but this is different. This isn't like the ordinary album art where a band just poses in front of a green screen or an arranged setting, this is more of an artwork. (That's just my opinion of course.)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hall of Fame

Hall of FameThe Script's first single for their third album entitled #3, played on the radio for the first time this week. The Script released photos from the video shoot of Hall of Fame. These photos were taken from The Script's facebook page. There were also some adorable candid Danny photos. :">

And some not so candid but adorable ones as well..

Yes, I did like almost all the pictures in that album. =))

Besides these photos, The Script also uploaded the official lyric video of Hall of Fame on their site and on Youtube. I'm surprised that the replay button's still working because I have abused the replay button. What can I do? The song's too good! I agree with the comment on youtube saying that this song suites the olympics. Maybe they'd consider making this the song for the 2012 London Olympics, eh? ;)

Anyway, here's another video that The Script uploaded a while ago. Another video that made me excited for the release of #3.

One week rest for me! Heehee

Last sunday, I had an operation on my finger. The doctor had to take the whole nail off my right thumb. I had about 7 shots of anesthesia but the procedure was still painful because the infection repels the anesthesia. I wanted to go to school after the operation but both my mom and the doctor didn't want me to attend school. My mom knows that I can't do the finger cleaning process that's done twice a day, and the doctor knows that the scar would still be painful and that I couldn't write for a while anyway.

So here I am, not really bored, skipping school for the whole week. It's not really boring because there's Tumblr. =)) My mom was right, I needed to stay home. The taking-off-the-gauze-from-the-finger procedure made me cry because it was really painful. The gauze sticked to my finger kasi since my finger was still bleeding when the doctor and the nurse wrapped the gauze around my finger.

So how is my finger doing now? Well, I tried getting the remote using my right hand a while ago and I just ended up hurting myself and dropping the remote. But all in all, my finger's kinda okay already. It's less painful now and I stopped taking pain relievers already. 

And me? How am I? Fine. Trying to enjoy my one week rest, eating a lot, being a lazy bum. But really, I'm super thankful to those people who showed me concern. To those who sent me their "Get Well Soon"s, thank you! They really helped somehow! :) 

The only thing that's bugging me now is my other finger(s) and my NSTP exam. Goodluck to me!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Friends Just Wanna Hang Out

This day was unplanned.. or maybe it wasn't.. a bit. Haha. My friend invited me to lunch at Chicboy but we didn't really make plans after eating. Because of that, we had nowhere to go. We thought of just staying at 7 Eleven as tambays. So sad. =)) We also went to SM afterwards. We REALLY had nowhere to go, kay? =))

I really enjoyed the day even though I wasn't feeling well and there was a scar above my nose. (Grrr. That still pisses me off.  It still won't go away, and now there's a smaller version of that scar on my forehead. Where the hell are those coming from?!) The day was full of story sharing and a bit of making-a-face-dance-vid moments. Aww, I'm gonna miss them. :(

Anyway, the outfit that I wore that day will be my next outfit post and will also be my next look on LB. Just waiting for Clarisse to upload the photos. Heehee.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The White Sands of Laiya

Before we go to college, me and my friends decided to go to Laiya, Batangas to have fun at the beach. Days before the trip, me and Des went out to go bikini shopping and do our nails. We were accompanied by Nikka.

So what did we do there? Besides the normal swimming and eating activities, we also went snorkeling in the shores of Tayabas Bay.

And after the tiring activities, we just relaxed and chatted (while eating taho).

When we got back to Lucena, Quezon, we ate dinner at Nikka's house. (A Jollibee takeout treat from Des. Yay Dessie!) Laiya with friends was a blast! I hope even when when we go to college, we can still have hangouts like this. (I'm sure we will!)


P.S. This is what I wore to Laiya.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Back to Black

So I know these are bad quality photos, and the reason was because no one had to take these photos for me so I had to take them myself using the ever so helpful SELF-TIMER! :D Yay for self timer. But even if I did have help from the self timer, I didn't have any place to put the camera, so I had to place books on a chair and put my camera on top of it cause it was the only way I could take a decent photo. It's still not decent though, so sorry. :)

So I bought the top from Plains & Prints, one of my favorite stores here. It's just a simple plain blue sleeveless top, so I wore a lace skirt, (which I borrowed) to put a flavor to it. (Flavor? Whuuut? lol) The skirt had something like a sequined belt and the skirt itself is a pretty white lace skirt. I used this for the school Christmas presentation. (different top though)

And finally the shoes.. These are Unlisted by Kenneth Cole shoes that I bought from SM Department Store. 

I know that there's nothing black in this outfit but I made the title Back to Black. This is because Amy Winehouse's Back to Black is on repeat on my iTunes right now. I'm in a bad mood and just wanted to listen to this.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Enchanted Kingdom

So I went to Enchanted Kingdom with my friends last Christmas break. I wanted to wear shorts because I was expecting my legs to get wet because of the water rides. 

Then I wore a black cropped jacket that can match with my shorts and can also keep me warm since it's Christmas season. I also used a sling purse so I can bring my phone, hanky, and other stuff so I can move around easily without a big bag.

And finally, a Nike sneakers to walk around comfortably.

P.S.: These were the amazing people I had fun with in EK. Sorry for our haggard faces. We just got wet because of the Riogrande Rapids. Haha