Thursday, 26 July 2012

One week rest for me! Heehee

Last sunday, I had an operation on my finger. The doctor had to take the whole nail off my right thumb. I had about 7 shots of anesthesia but the procedure was still painful because the infection repels the anesthesia. I wanted to go to school after the operation but both my mom and the doctor didn't want me to attend school. My mom knows that I can't do the finger cleaning process that's done twice a day, and the doctor knows that the scar would still be painful and that I couldn't write for a while anyway.

So here I am, not really bored, skipping school for the whole week. It's not really boring because there's Tumblr. =)) My mom was right, I needed to stay home. The taking-off-the-gauze-from-the-finger procedure made me cry because it was really painful. The gauze sticked to my finger kasi since my finger was still bleeding when the doctor and the nurse wrapped the gauze around my finger.

So how is my finger doing now? Well, I tried getting the remote using my right hand a while ago and I just ended up hurting myself and dropping the remote. But all in all, my finger's kinda okay already. It's less painful now and I stopped taking pain relievers already. 

And me? How am I? Fine. Trying to enjoy my one week rest, eating a lot, being a lazy bum. But really, I'm super thankful to those people who showed me concern. To those who sent me their "Get Well Soon"s, thank you! They really helped somehow! :) 

The only thing that's bugging me now is my other finger(s) and my NSTP exam. Goodluck to me!

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