Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Friends Just Wanna Hang Out

This day was unplanned.. or maybe it wasn't.. a bit. Haha. My friend invited me to lunch at Chicboy but we didn't really make plans after eating. Because of that, we had nowhere to go. We thought of just staying at 7 Eleven as tambays. So sad. =)) We also went to SM afterwards. We REALLY had nowhere to go, kay? =))

I really enjoyed the day even though I wasn't feeling well and there was a scar above my nose. (Grrr. That still pisses me off.  It still won't go away, and now there's a smaller version of that scar on my forehead. Where the hell are those coming from?!) The day was full of story sharing and a bit of making-a-face-dance-vid moments. Aww, I'm gonna miss them. :(

Anyway, the outfit that I wore that day will be my next outfit post and will also be my next look on LB. Just waiting for Clarisse to upload the photos. Heehee.