Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hall of Fame

Hall of FameThe Script's first single for their third album entitled #3, played on the radio for the first time this week. The Script released photos from the video shoot of Hall of Fame. These photos were taken from The Script's facebook page. There were also some adorable candid Danny photos. :">

And some not so candid but adorable ones as well..

Yes, I did like almost all the pictures in that album. =))

Besides these photos, The Script also uploaded the official lyric video of Hall of Fame on their site and on Youtube. I'm surprised that the replay button's still working because I have abused the replay button. What can I do? The song's too good! I agree with the comment on youtube saying that this song suites the olympics. Maybe they'd consider making this the song for the 2012 London Olympics, eh? ;)

Anyway, here's another video that The Script uploaded a while ago. Another video that made me excited for the release of #3.

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