Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Back to Black

So I know these are bad quality photos, and the reason was because no one had to take these photos for me so I had to take them myself using the ever so helpful SELF-TIMER! :D Yay for self timer. But even if I did have help from the self timer, I didn't have any place to put the camera, so I had to place books on a chair and put my camera on top of it cause it was the only way I could take a decent photo. It's still not decent though, so sorry. :)

So I bought the top from Plains & Prints, one of my favorite stores here. It's just a simple plain blue sleeveless top, so I wore a lace skirt, (which I borrowed) to put a flavor to it. (Flavor? Whuuut? lol) The skirt had something like a sequined belt and the skirt itself is a pretty white lace skirt. I used this for the school Christmas presentation. (different top though)

And finally the shoes.. These are Unlisted by Kenneth Cole shoes that I bought from SM Department Store. 

I know that there's nothing black in this outfit but I made the title Back to Black. This is because Amy Winehouse's Back to Black is on repeat on my iTunes right now. I'm in a bad mood and just wanted to listen to this.

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