Sunday, 27 May 2012

First Post!

So I thought about starting a fashion blog. Yes, I know, I'm not really good at dressing up but this is a free country and who says I can't do a fashion blog when I'm bored? So here it is.. VOILA, MY FASHION BLOG! :D

I called it "Trisha Plays Dress Up" because I love playing dress up. When I'm bored, I look at my closet and try to mix and match my clothes and do poses in front of my mirror. (Yes, I am weird by the way.) May it be 2 in the morning or any other time, I always have time to play dress up. So yeah, this blog is just for my entertainment and nothing else but that. :)

Anyway, I bought the LBD from Forever 21 and the stockings and Unlisted by Kenneth Cole shoes from SM Department Store

You can also hype this look on:

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